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By Crystal Falls Dental
December 15, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Hygiene  

There’s an important relationship between you and your teeth – namely when it comes to your overall health. Your teeth can also affect your mental health and the way that you feel about yourself. Here are a few key oral hygiene facts that you should keep in mind between your appointments with Leander dentist Dr. Jeff Loftus of Crystal Falls Dental.


Fact #1: Poor Dental Health Can Affect Your General Health


Some patients don’t understand that poor dental health can affect more than just the way you smile. If you don’t take care of your oral hygiene, it can cause adverse changes in your overall health. Untreated dental decay and gum disease has been associated with diabetes and heart disease.


Fact #2: Flossing Fights Bacteria


Flossing is the single most important thing you can do for your teeth next to regular brushing. In fact, flossing is even more effective than brushing when you’re concerned about gum health. When food particles sit between the teeth for long periods of time without being flossed away, they can transform into bad bacteria that eats away at the gum line.


Fact #3: The Condition of Your Gums Is As Important as Your Teeth


Just having white pearly looking teeth isn’t enough for good dental health. You also have to pay attention to the color and condition of your gums. Black gums or gums that are too red are a sign that there may be something wrong. When gums bleed, whether it happens randomly or when brushing, that’s also a sign that you should see Leander dentist Dr. Loftus for a checkup.


Fact #4: Nice Looking Teeth Can Improve Your Self Confidence


It’s a proven fact that the way your teeth look can have an extremely positive affect on the way you see yourself. Leander dentist Dr. Loftus often gets feedback from patients on how their new smiles have improved their lives. When your teeth look good and feel healthy you’re more confident when smiling, laughing, talking and enjoying the company of others.


Fact #5: Keeping Regular Dental Appointments Improves Your Dental Health


It’s important to have and maintain a good relationship with your dentist and schedule regular appointments twice per year. Make sure that you choose a dentist who is skilled, uses modern dental technologies and is committed to continuing education in the dental field. Leander dentist Dr. Jeff Loftus is a trusted practitioner who has training in advanced dental studies to provide you with experience, knowledge and high quality service. Contact his office at http://www.crystalfallsdental.com or call (512) 260-7400 to confirm your next appointment.